Top-quality high-tech screening technology for InkJet were previously unavailable. Today we have available 123ctf and specially adapted 123RIP – the same software works with the most powerful and demanding laser CTP Platesetters. Due to the modular construction of the software at any time, you can use additional options or extend the software for a version that supports aluminum plates (option available only for certain models).

The key question when we have a dry film technology in procesless InkJet was a question about black density to be obtained in this technology. Our system through the control of internal plotter driver and control of single nozzle – provides opportunities that others envy us … standard Epson inks allow us to receive a density covering reproduction needs of screen printing, offset, or even padprinting. For customers who need a density so far possible only with a high-contrast silver films, also we do have a proven solution – our special, optional inks 123HD (high density).
HD inks can produce an optical density of up to 5D!

Thanks to the special dots construction techniques and the standard hybrid screening attached, system can reproduce 1-99% even at high screen rules. The mapped exactly mikro fine lines, crisp, clear text in the smallest font typefaces – all this is possible in the quality previously only achievable on the laser imagesetters!
Optionally available are a libraries of stochastic raster type II, and special flexographic screening allow free reproduction of critical flexo bright tones.

Currently system is available in the following formats according to maximum width of the work:
– 123ctf A1/B2 + width 610mm
– 123ctf A0 + width 914mm
– 123ctf B0 + width 1118mm
Each of the sets have both the film feeding rollers and sheet paper. Consumables are available from our dealers.