Simplicity of usage

With our system you can start production of your films or photo-output in 30minutes after unpacking your box!. All thanks to „Ready-Stright-From-The-Box Design” – you are receiving every part of the system.

123ctf is a complete ready to use kit that in a moment after unpacking – can work for you!
You do not have to install anything, the supplied computer contains a complete, installed and configured according to your order software. Starter kit also includes a set of inks, package of film and a set of cables!
123ctf sets are for comfort lovers, respectful for their time users.
Dedicated software – 123RIP is configured in each delivered system individually, taking into account the expected settings in the order form. In time, you’ll realize how easy it is to build your own “hot folders” with their special settings, but on the first day would be even easier for you to simply drag a PDF file to the proper folder on the desktop – the rest will be “done automatically” …

Behind our support systems you can find real people not only dead help tab… Our technicians and dealer network has been trained to solve simple and very demanding tasks (which can occur with subsequent work) – help would be delivered to you as soon as possible. Each system has installed special “software assistant”, where using text messaging you can ask for advice or allow a remote connection to your computer channel is monitored by technicians assigned your area. This is the fastest and the most efficient way to save your time!
At each remote session end user can accumulate own experience, after a while – there is no difficult task for you.