How does it work?

123ctf was designed so as to be ready to work straight out of the box. Ease of use is the result of individual preparation of each set strictly according to the customer’s order form. Because we’re asking you the exact ruling, formats, etc. – thanks to that you can begin your real work in the first quarters after connecting set! Then of course you can freely modify all styles work.

The following three tabs describing how to work in a variety of applications.

123FILM – way of usage

  1. film is imaged from a PDF, TIFF, EPS or PS file – Epson genuine ink PhotoBlack work perfectly thanks to a special machine heads control together with our kind of film (in case of the need for higher density of black ink you can use a systemic specialized 123HDink available at our dealers)
  2. film can be automatically cut off or wait for the operator command
  3. The film is immediately ready for use

Films obtained in procesless 123film technology is a legitimate replacement for expensive silver film technology. However this type of film require a little more care in storage. Ink layer is less resistant to scratches than the light-sensitive emulsion layer on the silver films – for us it is the only noticeable difference, which requires only instruct of the stuff.


Large format printing in color it is the greatest operator comfort and speed efficiency:
1.) operator needs only to choose among the available self-adhesive film, banner, papers or canvases- appropriate type of material
2.) the rest is easy as a desktop printer … of course all advanced users can build their own ICC profiles for different materials!

Now you can also perform professional contract proofs! Contone proofing, halftone and dot-to-dot, where is possible to print same raster size and shape like in your print technology.
We are not taking off color printing abilities, and even more – we offer the possibility of making digital contract proofs that will simulate the target substrate and raster used in the final printouts. This is an ideal feature for silk/screen printers working in CMYK – Now your client can accept a print trial before showing the real end result!