123ctf has been designed to make your film’s production easier and lower your production cost! Aditionally your potentiall competitors dont know for whom you are working!!

123ctf – a full set of modern rasters with hybrid and classic dots and shapes! Thanks to special algorithms built in – nice and gentle gradations and up to 4,096 shades of gray can be achived!

123ctf – a great opportunity to fully scalable preview work at every stage!

123ctf – an additional algorithms ink coverage with intelligent edge control

123ctf – softproof – ability to export your file to a remote destination in electronic way, to be accepted by the customer

123ctf – printing with own „microwave” and individually switchable nozzles make it possible to avoid banding, found in other „simple” RIPs.

123ctf – reduction of production costs, no more journeys to/from reprostudios and accelerateing of your production!
123ctf – costs less than a set of currently used materials (film and chemistry)
123ctf – a low investment, the ability to print in large format color and turn-over even in a few months
123ctf – all graphics printed with 123ctf do not „stink” – used inks are free of harsh and harmful solvents

123ctf includes a special version 123RIP – a modified version for CTF purposes, with a highly intuitive and easy-to-use user interface in many languages.