3in1 – usage ways – main prepress tools from one box !!!

Investing in your new 123ctf system – do not limit yourself only to convenient film production – your power of execution is extended with the ability to perform test prints „proof” also for silk/screen printing. Show the customer how would it look like after rasterizing in your technology – not many can do that …
Such a machine in your business is also another (or first) step to digital printing. If your client ask you to perform a short series of prints you can keep him now – you won’t loose this client any longer by sending him to competitors.


The following three tabs describe 3 main ways of usage

Your new system is a full-fledged replacement for imagesetters . So if you need classic films to use with screen printing, UV varnish finishing, pad printing or flexo – all the matrices you need can be done with the system 123ctf. Dedicated Epson original inks, special film with stable polyester base allows to obtain great mapped details, smooth tonal gradients and fine details. All in the quality which until now was reserved only for laser systems. An additional advantage of the film, produced on the system 123ctf is total process-less production – these films do not need to be developed and are ready immediately after taking them out of your new machine!

Unbelievable?! see for yourself – order the test matrices at your dealer.

In 123ctf set you get the ability to perform remote „soft proof”- so that your customer can accept all final versions of work ahead of print – already after the interpretation of postscript. In addition, you can use the powerful proof features starting from the the version of „Halftone” and „Contone” up to „DOT-to-DOT”. At the proof „DOT-to-DOT” raster would be visible in the way which will be used in your printing technology.
There is also the opportunity to build a simple color profiles for your printing machine and perform machine standardization – color management is not a magic thing with our software.

Many other printing materials can be used by you !!!

Self-adhesive foil and photographic paper – the print quality obtained from your new set is photographic quality – professional studios use such an equipment to print large format printouts. If your client wants to order 10pcs of A1 poster – it is no longer a problem!

  • Canvas for printing reproductions of colour photographs
  • Banners coated up to a thickness of 1.5 mm – to expose outside
  • Digital proofing paper – one of the options for our system is in fact the contract digital proof – again High End solution with all what nowadays users are expecting